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Laura Hervey is the author of a variety of short works, including articles, opinion pieces, poetry, short stories, and devotionals. Scarlet Tears is her first published novel. Her next book, Light in a Dark Place, chronicles the story of a pregnant high school senior and her boyfriend, a heroin addict struggling to rebuild his life. Readers who liked Scarlet Tears will enjoy this new life-changing story. Look for Light in a Dark Place this fall.

Laura teaches 9th grade English at her alma mater. She loves spending time with teens and hopes to inspire young writers.  She tells them, “I first knew I wanted to be a writer in this very building. Unfortunately, I believed that only geniuses like Hemingway or Faulkner could be writers. But I was wrong. If you dream of being a writer, you can.” She urges them to keep a journal and to learn their craft.

For Laura, being an English teacher is about more than teaching teens to write and to love reading. It’s about encouraging their dreams and mentoring the next generation of writers.

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